More than just cleaners

We are Whirlwind.

A heart for people and purpose.

Meet Stephanie McElroy
- our founder.

In 2006 Stephanie was introduced to the idea of starting a cleaning business at the age of 22 by a friend who owned a custom home building company.
On a whim she hired 10 friends to get all the houses done over a summer with her. She then went on to accumulate over 2,500 residential clients and around 65 commercial clients including big names such as Victoria’s Secret, Sur La Table, Bath and Body Works, Express and many others while living in Texas. 
She recently moved to New Jersey with her family and is excited to also create a successful cleaning business locally. 

A heart for people and purpose.

Meet Christine Dutcher
- our Commercial Manager.

Having been in the service industry for over 28 years, I have cultivated many relationships that have helped me sustain my successful career.

Being a single mother of two beautiful children has taught me dedication, loyalty and ambition. Everything I do in my personal life as well as my career, I do as an example for my children. Therefore, I pride myself as being a humanitarian by working with several organizations such as American Cancer society, Valerie Fund, Locks of Love and many more.

I was told that the kind of blood I have gets donated to babies so I love donating, besides the needles of course. I do believe we all have to give back more than we take.

In the cleaning/sales industry, I do intend to continue with the same integrity to be able to facilitate more lasting relationships in this business.

At whirlwind cleaning, customer service is our top priority and our reputation is everything to us. Our intentions are to keep our current customers happy and build and expand our business to be able to gain additional satisfied customers. In turn giving back to the world as much as possible.

I look forward to working with you!

A heart for people and purpose.

Meet Nina D'Amelio
- our Commercial Manager.

Nina manages the commercial side of WhirlWind, at the young age of 22 she is dedicated to improving her knowledge of the industry as well as growth within the business. 
She is continuing her education in business/finance in college while she helps grow the company. She is eager to be able to provide the best service possible for each and every client she deals with.